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The Right Jewelry for Your Face

Identifying your face shape 

Each person's face falls into one of seven general shapes: Oval or Diamond, Round or Square, Oblong/Rectangular, and Heart or inverted Triangle. Finding your face shape is a simple process:

1.     Pull your hair back with pins or a headband so all hair is completely off the face.

2.     Have a friend take a picture of you facing straight into the camera, with the hairline showing, and print it out. Or take a selfie showing your whole face

3.     Outline the face on the picture printout. Another technique is to lay a piece of tracing paper over the mirror and outline the reflection of the face through it

4.     Compare the face shape to the images below and choose the one that matches the closest. The features may be soft or angular within that shape.

Be sure to check the face both "at rest" and while smiling. After determining the face shape, you can consider the fashion and jewelry that best complements the individual. Keep in mind that face shapes can alter over the years, or with changes in health and weight.


While over-sized fashion is occasionally "in," a piece of jewelry is selected and worn more often when it is in proportion to the size of the face, and complements its shape. Wearing the correct jewelry with the correct neckline can balance a face, and bring out its best features.


Remember that these are not rules, they're simply guidelines. These tips are simply tools that you can use while you are getting ready in the day or as you shop for new jewelry. To me, rules are very restrictive and personally, rules and I don't mesh well together. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident, and that your personal style shines.

 Oval and Diamond Face Shape

These face shapes are slightly longer than they are wide. Oval face shapes have a rounded hairline and jaw. Diamond face shapes have a narrow chin and forehead, and the cheekbones are widest part of the face.

Being that Oval and Diamond face shapes are already long, wearing long necklaces and earrings will only accentuate the length. Instead, opt for shorter necklaces that can add width- wide curves, rectangle pendants and collars are great options. For earrings, short to mid length dangles are great, but anything that falls at your jaw or below with make your face appear longer than it is. Oval face shapes look great with ear climbers, jackets or studs because they add some detail and width and the middle of your face, creating an illusion of a wider face.


Triangle and Square Face Shapes

Both of these face shapes have a nice strong jaw line. A square face shape has an equal distance from the forehead, cheekbones and jaw line, whereas a triangle shape gets quite narrow at the hairline.

To balance a strong jaw, adding length with long necklaces and earrings is perfect! With linear jewelry, you are drawing the eye up and down and creating a longer look. Long necklaces with eye-catching pendants are a great choice, and long, linear earrings are also a good option. You may also want to try earrings that are rounded at the bottom and hit at, or below, the jaw line to add some curves and balance a square jaw.


Oblong and Rectangle Face Shapes

Similar to Oval, a rectangle and oblong face shape is has more length than width. However, a rectangle and oblong face shapes have even more length. Rectangle shapes have a square hairline or forehead and jaw, whereas an oblong shape has a rounded hairline and narrow chin.

Thanks to the great lengths to these face shapes, the jewelry that is more complimentary are styles that add width (just like oval shapes!). Short necklaces that have a wide curve, circular pendants are also great and short earring such as studs, climbers or jackets. Another earring option is chandelier styles or teardrop shapes.


Round Face Shapes

Round is fairly straight forward, and it seems like people with a round face, know it. If you have nice round cheeks, rounded jaw and hairline, you have a round face shape!

To balance the curves of a round face, looking for jewelry with geometric shapes or necklaces that create a "V" or "Y" shape are very complimentary. Long or short lariats, long necklaces that create a "V" shape, or layering long necklaces work well. Linear style earrings or earrings that are nice and long can create the appearance of a longer face shape.


Inverted Triangle or Heart Face Shapes

If you have a nice narrow chin and your face widens towards the hairline, you have a Heart or Inverted Triangle face shape. The difference between these two shapes is that a heart shape has a rounded hairline and perhaps a widow’s peak, while an inverted triangle shape has a more squared off hairline.

With this shape we want to balance the narrow chin by adding width at the jaw line with wide earrings, as well as at the base of the neck with shorter necklaces. Earrings that are a teardrop shape are perfect, or chandelier styles, or anything with nice round edges. Collar necklaces, chokers, short statement pieces or bold curves are really nice options for this face shape.


Play around with different styles of jewelry and see what you like the best. It's not about “rules”. It’s about feeling your best.